Marcela Grassi - Architect & Photographer
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Design Hub Offices. BAAS Architecture. Glas Italia Headquarters.Piero Lissoni Design Hub.MBM Architects Krea Cultural Center in Vitoria.Roberto Ercilla Barcelona Botanical Garden.C.Ferrater, J.L.Canosa,Bet Figueras London Cable Car Stations.Wilkinson Eyre Architects National Museum of Science and Technology. AceboXAlonso. Vitra Haus. Herzog & deMeuron Restoration of historic residential building. EMBT Architects. Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi.Oscar Niemeyer Camper Store in Barcelona.EMBT Architects Bernmobile Tram Deposit in Bern.Penzel Architektur House in Vallvidrera.YLAB Architects Flat in Milan. AcabadoMATE.
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